The Dark Side of the Internet Darknet how to get in with scam list tor

Darknet how to get in. The Dark Side of the Internet

More and more often on the expanses of Internet networks you can hear the word darknet. And what this beast is, how to look inside and whether it is necessary to get there at all, I will consider in this article.

Darknet sites have a domain type of .onion, and to get there by regular means does not work, and when you try to . On darknet you find scam list tor sites where this sites collected.

What can be on the dark web.

Most often, it is an illegal trading platforms where weapons and many other things can be sold.

The favorite currency of users of the dark part of the network is bitcoins, because they are more difficult to track.

There are forums where people exchange useful information on security and anonymity, and just communicate on various topics. Hack materials, but I do not advise to download programs there because those users have no honor and viruses can take your data, which will be leaked on the same forums.  You can get this forum links on scam list tor sites like godnotaba.

File exchange networks and torrents are also present there, but as long as you can get into them and without it, they are not needed. Sometimes you can find sites with pornographic material. There is even a presence there and Facebook, but it is rather necessary for the inhabitants of China for there access is limited.

How to get into the dark Internet.

The only thing you need to do is to install a tor browser, I've already written about it in this article: TOR Browser for Anonymous Surfing.

If you already have it installed, make sure you have the latest version installed.

You can do this by clicking on the onion icon in the upper left corner and selecting Check for tor browser update. This step is necessary for your own safety when surfing such sites.

Although you're under the tor encryption, it's a good idea to use a VPN for reliability, to avoid leaks of your data.

There are ways to enter such sites without a tor, but so high is the possibility of leaks of your IP and other data, and this is best avoided by all means to remain anonymous.

Where to find darknet sites.

Alas, there are no search engines for darknet, there are attempts to make them, but alas, they are useless. But there is a service - "godnotaba" is a scam list tor site here you can find verified darknet links, so enter into the search engine to find it.

There are many sites listed and monitored their status online or offline.

Most of these sites are trading platforms.

There are also sites that can only be accessed by invitation or recommendation.

Typically, these sites are held on VPS for hosting for such needs one in two and a handful.

Does the average user need the dark Internet?

My opinion - no. It is not necessary. Mostly on the web there are marketplaces for illegal goods such as weapons and drugs. Or offers dark services - hacking and the like.

The currency that is used here is bitcoins, because they are hard to trace.

A lot of information distributed on these forums can often be found in the normal Internet or what is called the clearnet, although there is less spam.

About the harm to download programs from there, I have already written above. There are cases where they allegedly give programs to novice hackers and inside them sits malware.


This is how people sometimes hide themselves. But even this is not always their salvation, just not uncommon there and setups.

And here I say goodbye to you for today. Have a clean Internet.

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