Selling and buy credit card balance on darknet marketplaces how it?

For money, darknet craftsmen can make the citizenship of an inconspicuous country like Belize or Romania. And deliver contraband or "steal" property? Of course. "Break through" the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and take video from security cameras? Easy! Advise on "chemical issues" or create an "identity" on the Internet? Already there.

Rare Instructions

From how to steal a car, to how to communicate with a fellow major and "lay low." There are many "gray" schemes like discounts on cab services, buying a gift certificate 2-5 times cheaper than the face value.

Very "profitable" offers

The "travel agencies" are ready to send you to holiday on the cheap: for conditional 50 thousand instead of 300 you will be taken to the Maldives. True, there is a chance to go from the beach to jail, because the "travel agency" will pay for you "dirty" money, and you give them your hard-earned money.  buy credit card balance is not difficult for people who go on the darknet if they want to do it, they do it anonymously

Jobs without a social package.

Citizens hunting for easy money in the dark web can find a job as a "runner, "rake," earn a lot, but not for long.



-- banned substances;

-- personal data (correspondence, documents, account login data and electronic wallets);

-- counterfeit money;

-- stolen electronics;

-- forged documents;

-- weapons;

-- wiretapping equipment;

-- dirt on famous people;

-- hacking software; etc.

-- you can also buy credit card balance

Darknet is not as big as it seems

There are about 2 billion sites on the regular internet and up to 1 mln in the darknet (or rather a few hundred thousand, according to the most conservative estimate). There are fairly innocuous resources here: torrent trackers, libraries, social networks, blog platforms, chat rooms, and even our own Wikipedia, The Hidden Wiki. A number of well-known sites - Facebook, WikiLeaks, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and others - have mirrors. - have "mirrors" working here.  Buy credit card balance is a popular activity for people who have problems with the law and do not want to reveal their identity in bank transactions

"Yandex" and Google in browser X do not work, they recognize your requests as automatic.

What's in it for you

Buy credit card balance, weapon, drugs  and selling all of the above products and services is punishable by law! For actions on the virtual network, you can get a real sentence.

How do you know if a person is hanging out on a dark network

Let's make a reservation: using the darknet does not make a user a criminal. But if it is a child, a person with mental disabilities or a drug addiction, it may be worth intervening.


-1. On the desktop, there is an icon of an onion in section or the Earth with light green continents and gray oceans. The icons can be called whatever you want, they can be renamed.

-2. A person uses a browser that is not expanded to full screen and does not show the contents of the pages. X by default does not expand to 100% of the screen, thus hiding the hardware configuration.

-The user has found some off-line work, for which he has acquired a dozen of simple phones and SIM cards and has got "left" accounts in social networks. He could be absent for long periods, going out at night.

-4. Installed a system unit or rack with processors and hard drives, calls it "output (exit) node" and prohibits touching.


-1. Uses slang words in phone conversations with others: "onion" "plastic," "dirt," "treasure," "i-tu-pi" (I2P), "freenet" (Freenet), "mine", "synthetic", "salt", "meth", "glass", "brand".

-2. Buying and spending cryptocurrency with easeier when you buy credit card balance on darknet.

How to talk about forbidden stuff with kids is a topic of a separate piece. In this let's say that in the settings of antiviruses you can prohibit the installation of certain programs. And even better - allow the installation of software only for the administrator's account and password-protect it. Let the children use their "account" to surf the Internet.


Darknet has a special atmosphere. It is as if you are walking through a strange neighborhood, where even a child on a bicycle can sell weed or an old man on a bench can shoot you with a sawed-off shotgun. Criminal prosecution is not the only possible consequence of commodity-money relations in the darknet.

What else can you get into?

-- A stolen item you buy cheaply from a "thief" has an owner who can find you and hurt you.

-- The seller can get real information about you and blackmail you.

-- You could get scammed, it happens here all the time.

-- If you're not technically savvy, darknet crooks can hack your computer (you follow a bad link, voluntarily install spyware), steal information and money.

-- Children and people with unstable psyche can be psychologically traumatized.

-- A programmer who is asked to write a harmless script for good money can be dragged into a criminal scheme as an accomplice or abettor. Really harmless software is not ordered on the darknet.

-- The seller could be a law enforcement officer. This kind of acquaintance is not always fraught with a lawsuit. Theoretically, you can get caught up in extortion, become an informant, or "live" in other cases.

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