Ordered drugs on the dark web: via carding forum list this is what happened

The story of one guy who planned to buy drugs on darkweb. You can order drugs from your home dealer, or in 2021 online, comfortably from the couch in your own living room. Esquire visited the dark side of the internet: the 'dark web'. Here's what happened. There are more sites and one type of this sites is carding forum list. There are you can find marketplaces where you can buy anyting what you want!

I plan to buy drugs on the dark web, but before I do, I need bitcoins. The purchase of this is legal, but still the situation feels like an ominous scene in an action movie.
"Of course Tom is not my real name". 'Tom' puts his black hoodie back on. I just bought bitcoins from him in a Starbucks with cash. Perfectly legal, but transactions with bitcoins are also completely transparent, contrary to popular belief.

Because my upcoming purchase with bitcoins is illegal, I try to remain as anonymous as possible. 'Tom' as a seller also: 'Those bitcoins can be traced back to me. Maybe you're financing terrorism or buying child pornography.'

The Dark Web

'Deep web' is the collective name for all websites and databases that are not indexable by search engines. If the fist reason that you need a carding forum list sites,  That part of the web is much larger than the searchable part and can only be accessed. The dark web is the part that you approach in combination with TOR security. The Dark web is a small part of the Deep web that is deliberately hidden and that is not accessible with a standard web browser such as Chrome.

TOR stands for The Onion Router. With a visit to a TOR server, multiple, random layers of encryption take place - like the rings of an onion. This makes the original computer with which the dark web is surfed difficult to trace. The creation of this system was ironically co-financed by the U.S. government and later also by Google and other organizations.
The best-known website on the dark web is Silk Road,an online marketplace on which, following the good example of Ebay and Amazon, products are described in detail, and buyers and sellers can judge each other.

A 9mm pistol ($1,000) or ninja star ($23), anyone?

In dark street corners, the darkest transactions take place. Similarly, many (but not all!) on the dark web cannot tolerate the light of day. On the various online markets I not only come across a lot of drugs, but also (automatic) weapons, stolen or counterfeit passports, hackers who offer their services and illegal porn.
You buy it all easily, safely and securely, as if it were a book on Amazon. The reviews give buyers an idea of whether the product is a bit decent('Horrible shipping time but amazingly pure meth; recommended vendor!').


Back to my mission: buying on the dark web. In the country in which I am located, buying drugs is charged to you more heavily than in the Netherlands, so I prepare myself well. On carding forum list like Godnotaba, it's happily bursting with tutorials. I have to arrange a lot to remain as anonymous as possible, as it turns out.

First: a TOR-enabled web browser,legal and free to download. With that you are fairly anonymous, but my internet provider could see that I use TOR. This is by no means forbidden, but it can arouse suspicion.

To avoid that, I use a VPN connection before connecting to TOR. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network:it provides me with a different IP address than my own, from a country of my choice. TunnelBear (free to download, free 500mb per month) is a program that makes such a connection easy. With VPN and TOR well and good running, I'm going to look for bitcoins on the dark web.


On the dark web, people often pay with bitcoins. You can easily (and again: legally) exchange your own currency for bitcoins. This can be done via PayPal, Western Union, internet banking or a bitcoin ATM. With all these methods you would leave traces.

A bitcoin transaction can always be traced back to a bitcoin wallet, and if the authorities find it worthwhile, they can use subpoenas and a lot of computer power to find out how and by whom that wallet was filled.

Buying bitcoins with cash is the most anonymous, let's just call it that. The site localbitcoins.com brings buyers and sellers into contact with each other. I type in my place of residence, look for sellers who trade in cash (there are only six, in a big city) and find 'Tom'. I have already created a wallet for myself on an external hard drive with software that recommends the official bitcoin.org, and received an address from it.

"I had days when I made a profit of nine thousand euros"
'Tom' charges a commission of 10% for new customers. Regular customers get more discount. I meet him in the Starbucks. Drinking a cup of coffee paid for with bitcoins, he talks about his trade.
"Before trading bitcoins was regulated, I had days when I made a profit of [converted] nine thousand euros. I had made a study of it: you have to "feel" the violently fluctuating course. I wrote algorithms that did the work for me." And now? "Now I still meet daily with people who want to buy bitcoins with cash. It's a good trade."

I give 'Tom' cash, he counts it and transfers the bitcoins to my virtual wallet with his mobile. A sound of a cash register ring on my computer is proof that I received them.

There is another way to make my bitcoin transactions more anonymous: the virtual washing machine. I transfer my newly purchased bitcoins to a wallet of internet service Helix. For a commission of a few euros, Helix sends them back to me via all kinds of detours, 'laundered.'

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