How the drugs of Black Markets on darknet the advertising and marketing of these sites

Although narcotics are purchased on the deep web, the advertising and marketing of these sites is done on platforms such as YouTube

U.S. shuts down the two main drug black market on the dark web

    In order to avoid giving publicity to the illicit business and criminal activities taking place on the dark web, this article does not include names or links to active websites engaged in this business.

Buying drugs over the Internet is almost as simple as buying a cell phone case on Amazon: the customer chooses the product, pays and waits a few days for the goods to arrive at his home via a courier company. Customer and dealer never meet, there is no need to leave home, visit shady neighborhoods or wander through dark alleys. All it takes is a computer, a few simple instructions and a few clicks of the mouse.

The joint police operation announced yesterday by the FBI, DEA and Europol, in which they reported the shutdown of the two main Internet drug marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa, is the largest operation against drug trafficking and the sale of illicit products on the Internet.

According to the information on the investigation that has come to light, these web pages moved a market of more than 1 billion dollars in just three years. They had more than 200,000 customers around the world and more than 40,000 sellers offering more than 350,000 different products.

Illegal drugs, weapons, chemicals to manufacture narcotics, computer viruses and even the possibility of hiring hackers, kidnappers or hitmen are just some of the products offered on this type of Internet marketplace.

A market accessible to anyone with a computer in which only two things are needed: Tor, which is a browser for browsing the dark web or Deep Web that guarantees anonymity, and Bitcoins, which are a cryptocurrency that can be bought easily and allows transactions to be carried out anonymously.

Although these two words (Tor and Bitcoins) are unknown to the vast majority of Internet users, there are hundreds of videos on Youtube and blog articles that in 10 minutes explain in detail, step by step, click by click, everything you need to do to download Tor, connect to the Internet securely and almost impossible to track with this browser, exchange Euros for Bitcoin and, finally, start buying any kind of product you can imagine.

Despite the fact that transactions are carried out through the dark web shrouded in a certain halo of mysticism, all the advertising and marketing associated with these websites is found on platforms like Youtube on the normal internet. In fact, a generic search on this topic on the most popular video social network shows on its first page videos made by individuals with titles as revealing as "The 20 cheapest drug distribution sites on the dark web, the real black market" with more than 32,000 views, "how to buy drugs on the dark web" with more than 34. 000 views, a video warning that "USPS [the US Postal Service] is hiring experts to locate packages on the dark web market" with more than 26,000 views, or another entitled "Don't buy from these dealers" with more than 17,000 views and criticizing scams or poor quality of some products sold by certain dealers.

By performing more specific searches -including the name of one of the major Internet black markets or a specific illicit substance- Youtube also indexes and sorts hundreds of videos on this subject that advertise and explain tricks to buy in this type of pages.

In fact, as with licit products such as game consoles or cell phones, it is even possible to find unboxing (videos in which the packaging of a product is removed and first impressions of it are given) of different types of narcotics purchased on the black market of the deep web.

Contrary to what it may seem, some Deep Web black market selling illegal drugs, such as the already shut down AlphaBay, Hansa or Silk Road, do not differ much in their structure, search engines and appearance from any e-commerce site selling legal products such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress or similar. In fact, SilkRoad came to have a highly developed system of ratings in which the product sold by dealers and even "professional" narcotics tasters were evaluated and sent free samples in the hope that they would write a good review of the product, encouraging sales.

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