How not to sacrifice your anonymity when visiting darknet links in tor browser

In the same context it is possible to find and contact teams of contractors for violent punitive actions against predetermined targets; usually, the groups that propose themselves are South American bands that operate on the cheap.

The RespiraTor site is an open slate for slanderers and libelers who can post compromising photographs and publish, even anonymously, comments of any kind and nature on the reputation of any person.

Changing sector, it is possible to find darknet links of subversive groups or terrorist cells that make proposals of affiliation or propagandize the jihad (the holy war praised by Islamic fundamentalists), darknet links that sell previously stolen codes of credit cards or that commercialize pirated or counterfeited products, or malware and malicious software to realize computer attacks or to defraud online passwords.

There are also portals of professional smugglers and forgers who offer to buy kits to make fake documents, such as identity certificates, passports and driving licenses.

Another alarming aspect of the deep web is undoubtedly represented by the massive presence of aberrant pedophile darknet links, which sell videos and photographs of abused and raped children and adolescents. From this point of view, the dark net represents for pedophiles a unique opportunity to be able to share such sexual deviance with other subjects and easily find child pornography.

In this context, one of the most known and frequented site is Lolita city (contends the little valuable primacy to 4chan), a shameful stall of the most despicable of human deviance, which includes thousands of registered users, the same shameful portal recently targeted as part of "Operation Darknet", with a concentric and synchronized attack, by the known hacker group Anonymous, known to the public for the numerous attacks on institutional and governmental sites.

Anonymous, the most famous hacker group of the web, symbolically represented by the peculiar mask of Guy Fawkes, has put off line and made not reachable Freedom Hosting (the server on which dwells most of the pedophile containers in the deep web) and other 40 darknet links hosting child pornography.

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